Plastic Cards & Accessories

Today MicroPromo has become one of the leading suppliers of all types of PVC Cards in the kingdom.

MicroPromo offers a wide range of plastic cards for various kinds of businesses who use these solutions to enhance their business and corporate image.

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ID / Membership Cards

ID cards are becoming more and more popular day by day in countries, organizations or corporates owing to number of important reasons. Identification is a key part of life irrespective of the scenario that you are engaging.

MicroPromo is one of the leading ID card providers in the town since we have been providing plastic ID card solutions from small to large organizations with the customization you require.

Having an experience in the field more than two decades, we just identify organization who require ID cards most critically.

  • Smart ID Cards
  • Employee ID Cards (photo ID cards)
  • Club Membership Cards
  • School ID Cards
  • University ID Cards
  • National ID Cards
  • Hospital Patience Cards
  • Conferences or Event Attendance Cards
  • Key Access Cards

    If your concern is safeguarding your facility, currently electronic key access cards are the most secure option. They replace locks with intelligently controlled devices, and are operated by swiping an authorized card, which unlocks the respective door.

    Doors may be unlocked during business hours and locked at a pre-programmed time. This eliminates the need to lock doors manually.

    Proximity / IC / RFID Cards

    RFID/Proximity card is an access card powered by radio frequency signals from RFID reader device, and it can be read without inserting it into a reader, all of which makes the card has a limited range and must be held close to the reader unit. When the RFID/Proximity card is placed within reading range of a reader, the reader usually produces a “beep” or other sound to indicate the card has been identified.

    RFID/Proximity cards and mobile E-commerce have entered into every walk of life, along with the booming of Internet and the rapid advancement of RFID tech - the wireless communication technology. In virtue of the outstanding performance in contactless data communication, RFID/Proximity cards have been attached great importance by lots of enterprises.

    Contact / Contactless Smart Cards

    Contact smart cards require you to actually insert the card for identification purposes.

    Contactless smart cards, which are commonly known as RFID (radio frequency ID), only require you to be near the scanner for reading. Contactless smart cards make the identification process fast and easy.

    Loyalty cards

    According to marketing gurus, keeping an existing client is many times less expensive than acquiring a new client. Important fact is that how you are going to retain them? Which program you are going to launch?

    So, boost your reputation with plastic loyalty cards while privileging your customers and end up with the increasing of sales.

    Gift cards

    Get the gift card you really want

    As a merchant, today’s biggest challenge is how to attract customers to your store while facing a hefty competition in the market. Gift cards are one of the best examples that you can use for building sales & relationship. So go ahead, get the card you really want.

    Irregular cards

    Utilize the Loyalty cards, Gift cards or Promotional cards as a great branding tool by customizing them according to your wish.

    Here, MicroPromo have the huge selection of custom shaped promotional cards or irregular cards which will help you to make a lasting and immediate impression to your customers, prospects or any stakeholders about your business.

    Luggage Tags

    Help your customers, employees or students to travel in style those who are always on the go. MicroPromo, with the vast number of Luggage tags designs, is allowing you to select a durable & professional-looking luggage tags that easily attach to luggage, sports bags, instrument cases and expensive equipment.